There are certain power tools that all men should own, regardless of how skilled they are when it comes to DIY projects around the house. Whether you’re planning on simply nailing a painting to the wall, putting together furniture, or doing major home improvements, there are power tools that you won’t be able to perform the tasks at hand without. In the following, we will list and talk about these tool for you to better understand their necessity and go straight ahead to buy them in case they’re not already a part of your toolbox.

Before we start listing the must-have power tools for all men, what we must warn you is to never forget about safety. Thus, make sure that you always wear protective gear such as safety goggles to ensure that nothing gets in your eyes when you’re working on DIY projects around the house. Also, be extra careful when handling the tools as some of them could seriously injure you!

#1 – Cordless drill

Cordless drills are fitted with drill or driver bits, and they are used for boring holes in materials such as wood. They can be used to fasten materials together as well. They are must-have tools for DIY projects and woodworking, so the addition of the drill to your toolbox is inevitable. The main performance characteristics that you must look for when buying the power tool are its power and capacity.

#2 – Rotary tools

These tools rotate different types of bits and other attachments. Due to the fact that rotary tools are used to cut, sand, shape, polish, carve, and drill, they are more than a necessity in the toolbox of all handymen. They can either be cordless or electric, and it’s entirely up to you to go with the type that best suits your style and preferences.

#3 – Jigsaw

This power tool is made up of a reciprocating saw blade and an electric motor. Although it is a mandatory presence in the toolbox, what you need to know from the get-go is the fact that it is not easy to work with. Good control is required to keep the blade aligned and to deliver a perfect cut each and every time you use the jigsaw.

#4 – Reciprocating saw

The reciprocating saw achieves the cutting action through a push-and-pull motion of the blade. It’s this reciprocating movement that gives the power tool its name. Generally used for remodeling and demolition work, it’s a tool that you can’t go without and that is incredibly easy to use as long as you obey safety rules.

#5 – Small angle grinder

Small angle grinders are handheld power tools that you use for polishing and grinding tasks. Their typical design includes a side-handle that allows for a convenient two-handed operation and an adjustable guard. Know that the amount of flexibility that these tools deliver greatly depends on the backing system type that you choose, having the possibility to opt between medium-hard rubber, hard plastic, and phenolic resin.

#6 – Circular saw

The reason why it’s mandatory for you to have a circular saw in your toolbox is that this power tool can be used to cut materials such as plastic, metal, wood, or even masonry. The blades of the saw are specially designed for the type of material that you intend to cut with them, so you must pay attention to this aspect when making the purchase.

#7 – Compound miter saw

The power compound miter saw is used to make quick and accurate crosscuts in workpieces at a selected angle. This makes the tool ideal for use when cutting molding and for trim work. The compact and portable design of these power tools makes them especially desirable in the collection of a handyman, ensuring a superior convenience in use.

#8 – Drill press

The drill press is a power tool known among DIY people under many names – pillar drill, pedestal drill, or bench drill. This power tool is a fixed style drill that can be bolted to the workbench or mounted on a stand. What it offers and what makes it a real necessity is its accuracy, speed, functionality, safety in use, and versatility.

#9 – Power-hand plane

Hand planes are tools that are used to shape pieces of wood for various woodworking projects. What makes the power-hand plane a lot more desirable than the classic hand plane is the fact that raw muscle power isn’t necessary with it, thus the whole operation being a lot easier and more convenient.

#10 – Plunge router

If you’re a passionate woodworker, the one tool that you surely can’t go without regardless of the project that you take up is the plunge router. This versatile electric tool is used to rout out an area in the face of a wood or plastic workpiece. When taking up cabinetry DIY projects this is a necessary tool, so there’s no going forward without it in your collection.