Regardless of what you’re wearing, your shoes should be undoubtedly the most important element of your outfit. That’s why they should always be one of the first things you think about when you go shopping. Every changing season reminds us that it’s time to reinvent our style and be more daring when it comes to choosing our shoes. Get inspired from these 2015 footwear trends and change your style today.

Ankle Boots

The best part of owning a pair of boots in your wardrobe is that they can be styled with almost everything. You can go from casual to formal in just seconds by paring a simple pair of ankle boots with a casual outfit. Low-cut combat boots are often being paired with suits. The advantage of ankle boots is that they are more comfy than tall boots and very masculine.

Brogue boots

Traditionally, brogues were shoes designed for cold weather but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them during warm weather. However, leather can be not so comfortable during warm days, so make sure you opt for a suede pair instead. The advantage of having a suede brogue boot is that you can style them with casual attires and have a more vast variety from where you can choose. Brogues are extremely versatile because you can pair them with both casual and formal outfits.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots have suffered some slight variations along the way but the style remains the same. These boots are extremely practical and sturdy but note that you can easily turn them into stylish footwear with the help of these next tips. If you want to add an extra edge to an outfit, wear your boots over the top of trousers or wear them with worn in denim. A great way to add some color into your winter look is to opt for a pair of colored or patterned socks.

Desert boots

If you have a more casual style, the desert boot is the perfect choice for you because not only they are easy to dress up but also the choice of colors gives you more versatility. A light colored pair of desert boots goes well with dark denim and a plain white T-shirt. Add a couple of trendy accessories, such as a lightweight linen scarf and a pair of aviator sunglasses and you’re ready to go.


Loafers are made using one or two fabrics: suede or leather and obviously, each of these fabrics has their own advantages and disadvantages. Suede loafers can be worn only during warmer months and have a delicate finish while leather loafers are sturdier and last for a long time but are more suitable for cold months. Loafers can be styled with both casual and formal attires.