Search engine optimisation is believed to be magical due to the fact that it generates a great deal of revenue for businesses. SEO ensures you a steady stream of traffic, but there is an issue. Search engine algorithms change all the time and this is why you need to evolve together with the system. If you really want to keep the rankings that you have worked hard for, you have to maintain and improve your marketing campaign. How are you supposed to do that? To make your website rank well, you have to hire a marketing consultant. He will tell you that there are 5 essential SEO strategies that you should incorporate into your marketing campaign.

Focus on content- marketing  

Every website should have a marketing strategy focused around content. The content that you produce for the life of your brand is one of the most powerful SEO strategies. Content is definitely king and this is the reason why you should have quality content in your landing pages. When you create content for blog posts, for example, you should give people something to link to. So, if you have assurance that your post will be shared on a lot of social media, make sure to include keywords in the title and body copy. You should include your most important keywords in the content. This is useful not only to rank for keywords, but also for creating a positive user experience. Your consumer will more educated and by being a force in your industry, you will boost more sales.

Generate back-linking

If the content of your website is too big, then backlinks will definitely be useful. What is important is not the number of overall links, but the number of quality links pointing back to your website. In order to get people to link to you is to write for a large publication or recommend your content to the people who matter the most. A good idea would be to talk to popular blogs in your niche and come up with ways to get back-linking from their website.  Keep in mind that a SEO company is equally capable of introducing you to a good PR division.

Fuel social media

Social media is a great tactic that you can use in order to get your content in front of a wide audience. Algorithms have changed significantly since social media first emerged in the sense that social media is more community-oriented. Facebook or Twitter give signals of influence and authority. To widen your reach, you have to establish a strong presence on social media. To help users trust you, use call to actions at the end of your pieces.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Taking into consideration that every user has a smartphone device that can search the Internet, you should have a mobile version of your website. There is such a thing as the mobile version of Google search engine, so if you want to rank as high as possible, make sure your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly. A normal website is difficult to navigate for the regular smartphone user, so make sure that your site displays optimally on all devices.

Create powerful product descriptions

There is no doubt that product images play a very important role in marketing, but so does the description. When consumers search for products on the Internet, the first thing they come across is the product description and not necessarily the image. You may have relevant photos on your website, but the file names must contain relevant keywords as well. Keywords rank better than images in the search engines and this is why you need descriptions containing to keywords.