Not all the services that beauty salons offer are absolutely essential. Most of them are based mostly around pampering and relaxation and, with some basic tools and dexterity, you can try them at home and get the same results. This services include waxing, anti-cellulite treatments and basic facials. However, other services are very specialised and cannot (or should not) be done at home, either because they involve the use of professional products that are only available in salons or because they require the expertise of a professional. If you would like to try the following services, make sure you go to a Brisbane cosmetic clinic to get the best results.

Advanced acne facials


Acne is the most common dermatological condition among teenagers and adults and most people can keep it under control at home with drugstore treatments. However, things are more complicated for people who have severe, persistent acne and cannot get rid of it with mass-market products. If you are in this situation, you should avoid experimental treatments, because you could make the problem worse. Instead, go to a professional skin clinic where dermatologists can assess your condition and provide advanced, medical-grade treatments.


Chemical peels


Chemical peels are specialised facial treatments that are done rarely, but which can do miracles for the skin. They exfoliate the uppermost layer of cells on your face, making you look as if you have “new skin”. When done with quality exfoliants based on your particular requirements, chemical peels result in soft, even, plump-looking skin and a young and luminous complexation. Some at-home peel kits do exists, but you should avoid trying them yourself, because you risk over-exfoliating and burning your face. Chemical peels have to be done by a certified experts who knows exactly for how long to leave them on and what sensitive areas to avoid.


Oncology skincare treatments


Cancer patients have to undergo drastic treatments that force them to change not only their lifestyle, but also their skincare regimen. For example, they need special treatments after surgical interventions to get rid of scarring, or advanced creams and lotions to soothe the negative effects that treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy have on the skin. There are plenty of nourishing and moisturising products on the market, but none of them are gentle and safe enough for the use of cancer patients. If you suffer from this condition and want to get the best results, go to a professional beauty clinic instead.