The truth is that the boutonniere is not exactly the most thrilling element of wedding planning, but it is nonetheless an important part. It is actually safe to affirm that the boutonniere will hold a great importance for years to come. This floral arrangement makes your attire stand out and it can even advertise your personality trait. Given that it is such an important component of your attire, you should give it more thought. With regards to the flowers, just about any bloom will do fine, but the same is not available for the piece that secure them together. If you want something other than a predictable pick, consider brightening up your day with wedding ribbons UK. Undoubtedly, you have other options.

Is the boutonniere an old-fashioned tradition?

Wearing flowers on the wedding day is a tradition that dates back from the year 1960 when men in Europe and in the world used to wear flowers either to support sporting event or to make the difference between friends and enemies. It is important to draw attention to the fact that men used to wear the boutonniere on the left side of the lapel, placed directly over the heart. At present, many men consider it to be something silly, but the fact remains that the boutonniere is an essential part of the wedding. Depending in the style of the flower, it can display class or a refreshing attitude.

Making your boutonniere unique   

Owing to the Internet, inspiration is not an issue. What is more, there is no lack of ideas when it comes to adorning your lapel.

  • Boutonniere wrapped with satin, silk or velvet ribbon – not only do you get to choose the shape and style of the flower, but you also have the chance to select the colour of the ribbon. You do not even have to make your own boutonniere. All you have to do is hire a floral design company.
  • Rose boutonniere – petite roses represent that little extra detail that makes you stand out. Your best bet is on white roses paired together with green ivy leaves. As an idea, the stem can be wrapped in ribbon.
  • Rustic wheat boutonniere – the pointed edges give you a manly look and if you are into wheat, it is the perfect match. But make sure it fits into your wedding theme.
  • Feathers and flowers – one way of stepping outside the box is to try a combination of feathers and florals. This kind of boutonniere is the ingredient you need to make your attire unique.

Why should you choose a unique boutonniere?

The reason why you should put effort in selecting a unique boutonniere is that it is one of the few items you can use in order to show off your style and personality. You do not have to limit yourself to the black tuxedo, when you have so many options. Boutonnieres are a symbol of infinite love and it is in no way feminine.