When the Christmas holidays are near, you know you have so many things to do around the house. Being such a busy time of the year, you don’t have so much time to spend doing your children’s favourite activities. Being as energetic as we know kids are, you don’t know what to do to keep them still in order for you to keep up with all the household work you need to do. There is a perfect solution to your problems. We all know how much children love Christmas and all that has to do with it, so you can come up with some activities and crafts specific to Christmas, in order to keep them busy while you manage doing everything you proposed yourself.

Christmas Crafts


You can give them some Christmas ribbons, that you can easily purchase with one click, in different colours and with different patterns. They can use them to wrap them around candy cones, and place them in the Christmas tree. Alongside with some paper, glue, and markers in different colours, they can create a beautiful advent calendar, just in time for Christmas. Give them also some old mugs, you don’t need, and with the help of the glue and ribbons, they will be able to make some Christmassy mugs.


Christmas Activities


If your children are a little too young to do these sort of crafts, there are other possibilities to keep them preoccupied. All children love coloring, so having a Christmas colouring book would definitely make them even happier. Purchase for them this sort of book with some crayons, and it will draw their attention for a little period of time. Don’t have the time to go looking for a colouring book? No problem, you can just print some colouring pages for them, there are plenty of them on the internet. You can even print out some Christmas worksheets, Christmas word scrambles, if your child is a little bigger, so he can work on his spelling or math, and at the same time having fun.


If you would really enjoy spending every minute of this time with your children, and want to involve them in the household, there are many receipts that you can all do together. You can prepare together ginger bread or candy cane cookies, chocolate cake, marshmallow snack or whatever you think best, while listening to Christmas carols and poems. Even if the result won’t be very tasty, you will definitely have a lot of fun.