Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that affects around 30% of the adults worldwide, who have to learn how to fight this unpleasant disorder that keeps them from achieving a restful sleep. Men are as prone to insomnia as women are, although they tend to have a better resistance to outside factors that tend to ruin their daily routine. Not being able to rest throughout the night affects the mood and the yield of men, so discovering what causes their insomnia is the first step in treating it.

Insomnia causes


This is people’s worst enemy that gets inside their lives and messes with the regular development of their activities. Men experience stress at work whether it’s an annoying boss, a promotion, or the risk of getting fired, they stress about money, and they can also be stressed in their personal life because of someone they love. Stressful events happen every day and it’s hard to overcome them, which results in the inability to go to bed, poor sleeping, and fatigue in the morning.

Mental problems

Men’s mental condition can also cause them insomnia as they find it hard to relax and solve their psychiatric problems. Men who suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolarity, panic attacks, or severe psychotic disorders like schizophrenia are more likely to experience insomnia in their life.

Health problems

Insomnia can also be caused by several health problems that are common in men, like heart diseases, lung diseases, hormone problems, painful diseases like arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, genital or urinary conditions, as well as other sleep disorders like sleep apnea or narcolepsy. All these conditions affect men’s sleep in one way or another and keeps them from resting throughout the night.

Substances abuse

Men often have troubles with alcohol, drugs, and nicotine abuse, which interfere with the quality of their sleep. A chaotic lifestyle spiced with alcohol, drugs, and smoking is a common cause of insomnia in men of all ages. The medicines men take to treat a certain disease they suffer from can also interact with the way they sleep at night.

Treat insomnia with Alteril

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