When speaking about fashion, you cannot deny that certain items are completely timeless. For women the little black dress will never get out of style, while for men, a neat white button up shirt is a must have, regardless the season or occasion. However, besides these eternal elements, there are also plenty of trends that have emerged in the past years, gaining an astounding popularity. Each season, designers launch new tendencies and while some of them disappear overnight, forgotten by the masses, others become actual statements. Influences or items you never thought would last become a huge deal when it comes to fashion. So, in case you are curious to find out what we are talking about, just read this article and see which are the trends that got popular within a short period of time. Is fashion moving too fast? Is everything possible? Discover by yourself:

Sporty sneakers

The sports trend has been around for some time now and there is no surprise that it is here to stay. It perfectly combines comfort and style, which is why now only designers but also men on the streets all around the globe are loving it. However, there is one item in particular that has gotten everyone’s attention: sneakers. Sport shoes are now worn with almost anything, having buyers worldwide absolutely crazy. White or colorful, on canvas or leather, it does not actually matter as long as you are like sport foot wear. If you do not own a pair of New Balance sneakers, you cannot call yourself passionate about fashion. The brand has become one of the greatest suppliers in the world, due to its classy yet edgy design and extremely qualitative products. If you were still thinking about whether to buy some or not, wait no more and get yourself the most stylish shoes at the moment.


Bright colors for men

While most people would consider that hues such as red or pink are not suitable for a manly outfit, designers do not agree. And for good reason, if you think about the fact that a man can look extremely handsome wearing any color they want. As a consequence, runways and streets all around the world got invaded by men wearing pink polo t-shirts or khaki pants. The trend became a thing when several fashion experts said one must definitely own at least one pair of chinos in their wardrobe.


Jogger pants

Years ago considered suitable exclusively for the gym or for hanging out at home, sweatpants are also part of the sporty trend that has reached every corner of the world. They have become so popular that it seems jeans can be traded for jogger pants! Not only women, but also men, have showed a lot of interest in this comfy, stylish and effortless piece of clothing. Regardless the brand, cut or color, this crazy tendency will not be going away anytime soon.