Planning a wedding may be quite a trouble process, given all the decisions you need to make. These include the menu, the music, the location, the guests – to mention just a few. Believe it or not, one of the most important things a bride has to do is choosing the decorations. These need to reflect your personality, be stylish and of course, not cost you a fortune. Taking all these into consideration, a lot of people decide to take care of these themselves, and so should you. Arm yourself with patience, get the best wedding stationery supplies, gather your best friends and start working. Crafting your own ornaments has plenty of benefits and will end up making you feel amazing.

Why should you do the decorations yourself?

As a bride, the wedding is your big day, the most important event of your life. This means that you probably want everything to turn out just perfect, starting with the venue and ending with how the guests feel. Since there is not much you can do about the second part, you can and you should make sure the location is exactly as you wished it to be. And what better way to make this happen, than taking care of the decorations yourself? You are the one person who knows exactly what you want the venue to look like in the end, which is why you have to get as involved as possible. Of course, you probably not have all the time in the world to take care of the task, so call your bridesmaids, explain them what you want and get to work. You will not only spend valuable time with your best friends, but also save a lot of money you would otherwise pay to arrange the set.

Choose a theme and purchase materials

If you are planning to DIY your wedding decorations, or have someone doing them for you, you need to pick a certain theme. Crafts are often suitable to any décor, but they are perfect for outdoor spaces, so if you will have a garden wedding, these will be the perfect fit. Select a colour theme; decide what type of objects you want to make and then order the raw materials you need. Taking into consideration that you will have to create a large number of objects, you may have to order bulk ribbons, wires, colourful paper, washi tape and other stationery products.

What can you do in terms of DIY decorations?

If you have time and you are skilful enough, you can make almost any decoration you can thing about, by yourself. Just watch some tutorials, practice a bit in advance and get creative. You can make a curtain out of ribbons, small ornaments for the floral arrangements, shiny delicate vases for the table setting and large bows for chairs or suspended lamps, out of balloons and cardboard. Use paper to design the most beautiful flowers and no one will even suspect these are not real. Make large frames with the initials of your beloved, use glitter to make them stand out and place them near the presidium. There are so many things you can do – get inspired and get to work!