During Halloween, you get to spend some time with your family and friends and go at parties while being dressed as a fun character from a movie or as a famous celebrity. Everyone will try to pick the most intricate costume as to make an impression, so you need to come with a way to make your costume stand out from the others. If you take a look at some costume ideas on great halloween costume, you will see that there are countless choices for men. Nevertheless, finding a costume which is both funny and unique can be a bit challenging. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered a bunch of ideas from where you can draw inspiration.

Pedestrian crossing sign

On your next costume party you will be able to signal and allow your friends to quietly cross the road without fear of being run over by a drunk driver. Even though this crosswalk sign costume is simple to create, it still requires some creativity skills. The suits mainly consists of a bright green foam triangle which can easily be held with elastic straps in the back and a black bodysuit or if you prefer, a pair of black trousers and a black shirt with long sleeves. Use some markers to draw the stick figure and other elements as seen on the sign.


From the top of your Mount Olympus, reign over heaven and earth, by disguising yourself into the Greek god, Zeus. This disguise is perfect for any costume party; you can even ask a beautiful goddess as Aphrodite, Artemis or Hera to accompany you. This costume is easy to create. It mainly consists of a white tunic that is decorated with black and silver details, a silver belt, a matching hair headband, a pair of cuffs as well as a foam flash that you can DIY after following some tutorials. Remember to accessorize this costume with a wig and a white or gray beard and a pair of sandals.

King pig from Angry Birds

Pigs are of course the bad guys from the popular Angry Birds game and the Pig King is certainly the most dangerous of them! It is he who, at the beginning of each level is developing a plan to steal the eggs of birds. This is a great idea for fans of the game who want be original and stand out from the crowd. The only minor drawback is that the costume is rather hard to make it yourself. However, note that you can get a good-quality costume if you order it online a couple of weeks before Halloween.

Adult boy scout

While wearing this costumes, all the memories of summer camps, tent installation and fire camps will be brought back to life! You will need a kaki top with short sleeves and two pockets drawn or sewed on the front, an orange or yellow scarf and beige khaki shorts. Add a brown leather belt and wear a pair of leather shoes to match them together. In order to make the costume more authentic and resemble more to a boy scout costume, add some fake badges or if you can’t find any, use some colored marker to draw them on.