Are you in need of giving a little touch of style to your apartment? No need to mess up any decor, sometimes just small details matter. Feel free to choose whatever style you think it represents you and portrays you in a good light. If you still feel that decorating your house is not an easy thing to do, get inspired from these simple tips. Here’s what you need to do.

Choose well your furniture to suit your needs

Regarding furniture, your lifestyle and your habits indicate the type of furniture you like. If you are one who likes to relax a lot, you can opt for a padded and long sofa. For those who like to snooze in the sun, buy a comfy hanging chair. The sofa coverings such as leather or microfiber are most often recommended because they don’t get dirty as often. For those who like to listen to music most of the time, invest on a large audio unit. Basically, bachelors only care about sustainability and functionality. Opt for a large dining table that will be durable enough to hold glasses, large plates, etc.

A must for men: the mini bar

A mini bar shouldn’t miss from a bachelor home. You can always ask your coworkers to join you in a basement that it’s filled with arcade games and a large TV and sit by the minibar, having a cold beer. You can also place the minibar in the kitchen near a large island with storage space, fine kitchenware, a few glasses and bottles of wine that will enrich the kitchen. Whether you are planning of remodeling your basement or your kitchen, consider opting for durable materials such as granite or natural stone, stainless steel, concrete, etc.

Play with mirrors

Do you have a small room? In order to enlarge the space, there’s nothing better than having a large mirror or several small mirrors on a wall. If you are interested in having more light, position the mirrors on the wall opposite the window. If the wall is overcrowded with pictures and paintings, you can place one or two small mirrors here.

Change the lighting

A simple change of lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of your interior. Never estimate the power of quality lighting in a space. Consider placing an imposing and stylish lamp that will surely add to the decor of the living room. Feel free to also place small lamps on your nightstand, coffee table and around the room to further enhance the decor of the room.