In recent years, golf has become one of the most popular sport and it is practiced all around the world. There’s something posh and clever about this sport and that’s why not all the people are very fond of it. It’s mostly played by upper-class business gentlemen and men that like to call themselves classy. Whether you view golf as a sport or a means of relaxation you must admit that it’s the perfect sport for classy men. Here are our top reasons why.

It’s all about respect

Playing golf is surely a great way to spend some valuable time with your friends or work colleagues because it is very relaxing and quiet. As a child, you probably remember hearing “Quiet on the green!” whenever you accompanied your father on the field. The truth is that golf players need some time to focus on hitting the ball properly or accurately measuring the distance between one point to another. It’s important to show a level of respect toward the other players.

Golf courses have dress codes

Keeping a proper attire is essential when playing golf. Most men like to stay classy even after they finish work or business meetings. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie at a golf match. Even though the requirements are slightly different among courses, the dress code is standard. In all cases, golf courses require that men wear collared shirts, long pants or pleated shorts and golf shoes.


The best part of playing this sport is that you’ll find a clubhouse at most sports venues where you can grab a cigar and listen to the stories of your colleagues and friends. It’s a great way to make new friends that share the same interests as you. The mere fact that you play golf and hang at clubhouses sets you apart from the rest and makes you appear more classy than you already are.

Golf equipment can be stylish

If you want to be successful on the golf field, it’s important to invest in good quality golf equipment. You can find a variety of golf clubs but not all perform the same. Ask for the help of a professional when choosing your golf equipment. Even though a good quality set of clubs are more expensive, the good part is that not only they will last for a long time, they have a stylish and classy appearance. Another useful gadget that shouldn’t be overlooked is the golf rangefinder. A good golf rangefinder can offer you accurate results when measuring the distance from one point to another. Make sure to search for golf rangefinder reviews that will help you get more familiar with the features and options of this device.