Before choosing between a haircut and a trim, you should first differentiate between the two. While a haircut brings a significant change, a trim is simply the process of keeping the current style and getting rid of split ends. It is impossible to keep a certain style without regular trim, because the hair will then lose its shape and become unmanageable. There is no rule establishing how often you should get a haircut, but a trim is required once every six weeks according to specialists. Regular trims will ensure that your hair will stay in shape and look healthy all the time. Hairstylists also recommend you to change your style once every couple of years as well, because a haircut has great therapeutic effects and can boost confidence and self-esteem. It is important to let yourself in the hands of a professional hairstylist from time to time. The hairstyle experts will be able to find a hairstyle that will please you and make you look fabulous.

When do you need a haircut?

Generally, women feel the need to a haircut when something major happens in their life or they are no longer fond with their old style and are looking for a change. There are multiple signs that tell you when you are ready to get a haircut and change your style. First of all, if you cannot find any ounce of inspiration when looking in the mirror and trying to come up with a hairstyle, it probably means that you grew tired of your haircut. Instead of keeping the same old style for years, you should experiment. Of course, you can start by choosing a different style, but the same length to ensure that you will not regret the decision after going from long to pixie. If you have gone through a very difficult period and you feel the need to turn a new page in your life, this daring move to but your hair from very long to very short might be exactly what you need, but do not take this decision out of boredom.

When do you need a trim?

Hairstylists say that a trim every six weeks is ideal, but not all of us can afford to spend that much money and time. However, there are certain signs that should determine us to make the time and spend the money for a trim such as split ends, unhealthy appearance, no shape and so on. If you feel like wearing your hair up all the time, because it has no shape and styling takes longer and longer, it is high time you went for a trim. You can of course prolong a haircut by applying professional hair products and avoiding styling as much as possible.