Asking the girl you like for a second date is never easy and it’s definitely not easier when you want to invite at your place. If you already succeeded in inviting her over know that you’ve already taken an important step by inviting her at your place but beware, the hardest is yet to be done: the important thing is not to disappoint her, quite the contrary. In order to do this you need to follow these steps carefully.

Clean your home before your date arrives

Cleanliness: it must be beyond reproach: use the vacuum cleaner to quickly clean the floors and wipe any dust that may be found on shelves, nightstands or bookcases. Track down dirty socks usually lurking near the couch and gather all your clothe laying around.
Storage: Put each object, book, kitchen utensil in its place. Keep the inside of your kitchen cabinets clean and tidy in case your guest is curious and would like to have a closer look at your kitchen.
Decoration: your home must be in line with your personality. Do not cheat. Thus, no need to cling to walls copies of masterpieces if art does not interest you. Here’s a little trick: if the girl likes flowers, make sure her favorite flower is present in the form of a bouquet you will offer to her or as table decoration; If she loves cats, get some trinkets representative. In a word, try to adapt to a minimum of her tastes.

Get to know her more and make her feel welcoming

Well, she just ring the doorbell (make sure the doorbell works!). Once you open, you will make every effort to please her. Have a plesant smile, spontaneous gestures, don’t be hesitant or shy, just act normal and have an interesting conversation. It would be good if you previously went on a couple of dates together and discreetly inquired about the tastes and interests of your date so that the conversation is pleasant for her.

Cook a tasty meal for her or serve a refreshing cocktail

If you invited her to dinner, meal preparation must retain all your attention. Be honest with yourself: are you or are you not able to cook a great meal (because by all means you can’t serve canned ravioli or frozen pizza)? If the answer is yes, the ideal thing to do is to cook a tasty dinner for her. Feel free to invite your date in the kitchen while you put the finishing touches to your dish but be careful not let her wash the dishes or start cleaning. Remember, she’s your guest after all. Cook preferably a dish she particularly enjoys (again, you will have some detective work to do).
If you don’t have any cooking skills, you can easily impress her with a delicious cocktail recipe. Even though a cocktail seems like a hard thing to do, know that with the help of some classic cocktail utensils, such as the strainer, Boston shaker and a bar spoon you can create some fantastic cocktail recipes. At the end of the night, she will definitely feel impressed and why not, ask you for a second date.