Those of you who are lucky enough to have a fairly large basement probably all think of remodeling or decorating it. Indeed, there’s nothing better than to create an extra bathroom, installing a play area for the children or home theater. The basement can be successfully transformed into a man cave where you can spend some valuable time with your friends, watching tv or playing pool. Transform your basement into a man cave with the help of these simple tips.

Reflect on the theme

The touch of style that you add to the basement must be in perfect harmony with your own style and interests/hobbies. If you want great result you need to choose a specific theme: cinema, motorcycle, gym, manga, Elvis Presley, poker, cigars and scotch, baseball or Star Wars.

Install the bar

This is the first element that must enter the picture. Then, depending on the remaining space, we will add other decoration items. As simple as it may sound, it’s actually the bar that sets the tone, and with or without alcohol, a man cave without a bar and stools is frankly called a desk. After installing the home bar, you can proceed with placing your favorite sofa and coffee table.


Photos, accessories, clothing, tools anything can become a decorative element. This is also the only place in the house where it is acceptable to expose T-shirts on the walls and where a collection of hockey sticks can be showcased. The place should be decorated and maintained with the utmost care.

Paint the ceiling beams white

The idea of painting the ceiling beams white (or leave them natural) is ingenious. Not only will you gain several inches in height but you also save on the need to buy ceiling tiles. Not to mention the superb chic / rustic shabby look that adds to the room. The only drawback is that you have to conceal the different cables and pipes passing through the ceiling.

Maintaining the basement

Decorating and furnishing your basement are the first things that come in your head but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other aspects. It’s important to ventilate the room and get rid of any existing moisture. A great amount of moisture will eventually ruin your furniture and walls as a result of mold development. That’s why it’s advisable to invest in a basement dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air so that you reach a normal level of humidity again and your man cave is mold-free. Keep in mind that basement dehumidifiers are different than the rest of the dehumidifiers. Check out bestdehumidifier reviews if you want to compare different basement dehumidifiers and see which ones are better rated by customers and which are the most affordable ones.