Have you ever think of you our own “dream place” decorated with elements that give you a good state of mind and offer you comfort? This may be possible with some items that you have never thought. Just think about the themes you love and pleasure your sight, all the gadgets, and fun items, all the things designed to make you happy. You can be very daring when creating a basement man cave and it is also a good way to express your personality and style.
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Interior design and color scheme

In order that your space be always fresh and healthy, before starting any activity of decorating, you must assure that you have an air purifier. It is very helpful for your health and it removes contaminants from the air in a room.
Then, you can start with the walls, choose a beautiful pattern that you love and start painting it the way you want. Patterned walls are the best option when you want to add some tone to your personal space, and it has a shade of elegance, too. Also, you can cover the walls with wood or stone, you can stick posters, images, natural decorations etc. For instance, you can recycle pallets made of wood and then use them to cover the walls. This way you will create a cozy and comfortable space. Shelves on the walls are a great idea to put all your stuff, and this way you will avoid the clutter. Shelves are perfect for books and your collections. Another thing that you can put on the walls is a vintage map, mostly if you are a traveler or you just have a passion for geography.
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The inside-bar

What would be a man cave without a bar? A home bar is a good option, even though it is small, the size is just your choice. You can put all your favorite beverages and just take them whenever you want. If you have bigger space, you can also insert a fridge, beverage coolers, and chairs, this would be more interesting and stylish. You can paint the walls in strong colors, like red, green, or blue, or make a fusion of colors. Accessories like vintage canvas and hanging light bulbs would also be a great feature when decorating a bar.
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Fun and gadgets

Think about your passions and things you like to do, for instance, activities like snooker, pool, basketball, PlayStation games; these are just some options. In this case, you can insert a pool table, a basketball hoop, a PlayStation console. Or, if you just want to read a book, study, or relax, you can buy some comfortable armchairs, or maybe a hammock to create the appropriate space for your own living. Hammocks are really relaxing and cozy and they are a good way to spend your free time.
If you are a restless person, who has a lot of friends and likes to party a lot, you can also create your own “club”. Some big speakers and ceiling lights are the best way to throw a party whenever you want.
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Furniture may be one of the most significant elements when you start to decorate any room or space. Our suggestion regarding furniture is to keep it simple. Straight lines, angles, leather armchairs, a geometrical table, a big couch are the best furniture elements. Do not forget about comfort, don’t choose the furniture just because it looks nice. Hand-made furniture represents a good option, too. You can create your own furniture like shelves, coffee tables, chairs, magazine holders. Everything depends on your imagination and hobbies.
You can also add a mirror, vintage mirrors are very interesting and offer a beautiful aspect to the room. You can choose wooden bordered mirrors, vintage mirrors, even edgeless mirrors with a modern aspect.
Lighting objects have a great impact too and they are essential in your room. You can make a lamp just by recycling wine or beer bottles. For instance, you can use them in combination with pipes to create an industrial-style for your basement man cave. Hanging lighting bulbs are a good and efficient option too. They have a great design and offer your man cave a special effect.
As we have mentioned above, designing a basement man cave is a creative way to express your personality and style, it’s just a matter of options and passions. Hoping that all our tips were helpful for you, it just remains to apply them in order to create the perfect basement man cave.