Male haircuts may seem plain in the beginning, but once you analyze them you will see that there are many ways for men to arrange their hair so that their overall aspect will become a more sophisticated one. For men interested in the latest haircut trends, here are some of the most stylish and popular haircuts of 2015.

The angular fringe

This hairstyle was trendy among men during the last year and it has kept its popularity in 2015 because it is a stylish haircut that makes men look modern and sleek. It is best suited for those with a round face, but it can also be adapted to other face shapes. The basic idea is to keep tapered sides and a long top layer with a angled shape in the front, which is the detail that makes it look so stylish.

The summer bounce

For those who don’t like short hair and prefer a little more volume, this is the best haircut that combines the summer look with the sophistication of a styled haircut. This haircut implies a lot of volume on the top of the head and less hair on the sides and t he idea is to brush up the top of the hair and to style it with hair wax and a blow dryer to make it look fluffy, yet styled.

The Cesar haircut

This is a style that any man who wants a classic and elegant look will definitely love and its simplicity and ease to style is what makes it so popular. It is a short length style with trimmed sides and a little length on the top of the head. Men will only need a dab of styling gel and the top can obtain a stylish spiked look that will stay in place the entire day.

Side sweep

Another way to wear a longer hair is to do the side swipe, a classic haircut that has suffered the influences of 2015 and has become a modern and versatile look. It is very easy to obtain by simply cutting the side hair shorter and leaving the top longer so that you will be able to arrange it on a side using a water-based hair gel that will make it look very natural. You can also arrange your hair to the back and you will achieve a natural and relaxed look.

The slicked back

This haircut is a basic simple short one with a stylish touch created with the help of some hair gel. Cut your hair short on the sides and at the back, keep the top a little longer and style it with some hair gel to make it look like a casual spike or a bedhead look.