Versatility is a highly valued trait to have when it comes to fashion. The capability of constantly reinventing yourself and your wardrobe to fit can be a talent that can be honed in time. Don’t be afraid to be a bit adventurous with your personal taste by mixing and matching fashion pieces in ways that best fit you. Here are some fashion pieces and ideas for you:

Rainbow Collar

The Rainbow Collar from Vivetta hands collar is certainly an interesting conversation starter. Formed by the image of two rainbow nail painted hands coming together with the thumb and index as the connecting point of the collar, the Rainbow collar can be paired with shirts and dresses to form an interesting tasteful combination. If you are in search of something to jazz your whole outfit up, then the Rainbow collar is ideal. It’s just the right amount of quirkiness for someone who enjoys something out of the ordinary.

Magic Melody Skirt

Follow the rhythm of your heart with the Magic Melody Skirt by Sretsis. Fully lined and accompanied by a ruffle trim, the Magic Melody Skirt is given form with an interesting texture.  Delicate and feminine with a hint of quirkiness in the magical note trimming, the Magic Melody Skirt is a fascinating piece that can be paired with a fitted top or T-shirt. Offering a free range of movement, the Magic Melody Skirt is the ideal choice to wear on fun events like dance festivals and the like.

Frill Top Printed Duchesse

The Frill Top Printed Duchesse is an interesting playful top that comes in either Micro Ice Cream or Micro Beverage designs. This frill top designed by Au Jour Le Jour is inspired by japanese pop culture and manga with it’s delicate colours and detailed prints. Fun, fresh and light hearted, the Frill Top Printed Duchesse is an ideal choice to add a touch of mischief to laid back looks. Pair it with leggings, dark jeans or shorts- any combination is possible.

Hologram Ruffle Blouse

Designed from a special blend of cotton, metallic and polyester, the Hologram Ruffle Blouse is one of the most well received Sretsis tops. As an off-shoulder crop top, the Hologram Ruffle Blouse is available in rainbow white. What’s notable about this blouse is that despite being white, the top also possesses a special and subtle iridescent purple sheen. This is an effective method of drawing attention without being obnoxious or overtly “in your face” when it comes to fashion. The Hologram Ruffle Blouse can be paired with high-waisted midi skirts, pants or leggings to highlight a refined appeal.

Journey To The Past Shirt

The Journey To The Past shirt from Alice McCall is no average shirt. With a soft crinkled texture, the Journey To The Past shirt is refined with french seams as well as a scalloped ruffle bib front. Comfortable, simple and charming, the shirt can be paired with a skirt or tailored pants and strappy heels or simple heels for a chic look that is suitable even in professional office settings.
Would you try on any of these? What can you match with these fashion pieces?