Stress emerges in the lives of modern people as there are more obligations and commitments that must be fulfilled each day. Thus, there is constant pressure on the individual to get things done and to juggle between a thriving professional career and home life. Woefully, even the strongest person feels weak at one point, falling prey to the dreadful health issue known as stress.

Becoming a leading cause for health deprecation, stress is an issue that you must tend to. While causes for this affliction vary from one individual to another, there are some common patterns that it’s advised for you to be aware of and fix. Obviously, science has already come with effective solutions to this modern-day problem, so there are “treatments” to help relieve these bad thoughts. Whether you’ll decide that sweating in the sauna is your ideal manner of relaxing and relieving stress, or that you can get rid of this issue by better organizing your life and becoming more active, it’s mandatory that you take a route that’s backed by science to actually feel a difference in your general state of well-being.

Stress – The Cause for All Diseases

Depression has already been declared the number one affliction that most people worldwide suffer from. As its appearance is a direct result of overwhelming stress levels, you can’t afford to toy around with stress when it emerges. Otherwise, depression settles in and you could be faced with prolonged treatments, medications, therapy sessions, and other types of fixes to resolve this issue. Alas, all of your efforts could end up in vain as there’s no real guarantee that any action you take can actually eliminate depression.

When stress takes a toll on your life, other actions, unfortunately, ensue concomitantly. Your internal organs are all disturbed in their normal process as your body entirely stops functioning properly. Also, a chaos emerges in your brain, commands that used to be a cinch for this all-important organ to transmit now being near impossible as your judgment is clouded. Basically, as soon as you allow stress to overwhelm your mind and your life, you predispose yourself to all types of diseases.

What Causes Stress – Factors that You Have and Don’t Have Control Over

While the list of modern-day stress factors and causes varies from one individual to another, as we have aforementioned, there are some common grounds. In the following, we will present you with the main factors that lead to the appearance of stress, those that you do have a control over and can stop from interfering with your health and personal life, and those that you don’t really have power over.

  • Fear: Access to information might be good for the evolution of our society, but when you’re looking at the bigger picture, we are now more stressed than ever as we are aware of what issues exist worldwide, issues that could ultimately impact our lives. TV, social media, and news keep us updated with the financial, social, and political state of the world we live in, this vivid coverage putting you in theme with issues that ultimately affect you as you become fearful. When fear settles in, stress inevitably comes as you worry about current events, about loved ones, about your future, and so on.
  • Change: All major life changes can be stressful, especially to sensitive people who don’t perceive them well in the beginning. Regardless of the change’s nature, whether it is relocating to a new city, getting into a new relationship, or working for a different company, the end effect is the same – you don’t feel in your element anymore, so you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Work: Some people are fortunate enough to work for great bosses who don’t put too much pressure on them and to have co-workers who act nice, making the work ambiance pleasant. Woefully, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people live in constant stress as are tasked with unrealistic deadlines, bosses who put too much pressure on them or who act out, yelling and screaming, and coworkers who create a tense and unpleasant atmosphere, trash talking and being mean.
  • Relationships: Not everyone has the perfect relationship when it comes to his or her interaction with a significant other. Some are in constant stress in their love life as their partner doesn’t provide support and finds constant reasons to argue. Stressful relationships go beyond love interests, as family ties and friendships can affect individuals as well. When a loved one is going through tough times, for example, you tend to stress for that person as you care for him/her. Also, when friends are upset with you or there are causes of conflict between you, it’s inevitable that you end up feeling pressure and overwhelming stress.
  • Money: Since the dawn of time, people have had some form of currency. While it’s true that money makes us happy, especially when there’s enough to go around, the sad truth is that most people are confronted with financial issues. As these issues arise, so does stress as you are faced with an impossibility to pay your debts, to buy items that you desire, or to lead a normal happy life, traveling and hanging out with friends.

Science-Backed Fixes that You Can Confidently Turn To

In the following, we will present you with the science-backed fixes to relieve stress. We recommend that you use any of them, preferably as many as you can, as these stress-relief methods have been proven to work. Thus, your time won’t be lost if you apply them, desired results appearing in no time.

Favor the Release of Endorphins

Endorphins are hormones that influence your overall mood as they make you feel happy like you’re floating. To combat stress, you must favor the rapid production and release of endorphins, thus becoming more positive as your body is encouraging a state of peacefulness and serenity. There are quite a few methods to enhance endorphin production and change your outlook on life, but only some deliver immediate results. Scientifically speaking, one of the most prolific methods to release stress through endorphin production is by tending the sauna. The quiet, relaxing atmosphere combined with the beneficial effects of infrared rays not only help you sweat out toxins but help you get rid of stress and bad thoughts as well.

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation and yoga are two activities scientifically proven to reduce stress as you get to relieve your mind of worries while de-tensing your body. If you are familiarized with yoga poses, you can perform it at home. But for ultimate results, we still recommend that you take yoga classes as you’ll be surrounded by other people, getting to socialize and take your mind off of what worries you. When it comes to meditation, this is an activity that you must do at home, when you’re alone. Find a peaceful corner in your home, preferably in the bedroom, and sit down on the floor on a yoga mat. Sit in the famous meditation pose and try to block out all of your thoughts. Ten to fifteen minutes daily before you go to bed and when you wake up suffice for putting an order in your life and getting rid of stress.

Exercise Your Way to Stress-Relief

Exercise is a proven method to relieve stress and tension. Thirty minutes of daily physical activity are more than enough to help you release endorphins and put yourself in a good disposition. We recommend that you run outdoors as the environment relaxes you and you get to breathe in fresh air, and running is a soothing, calming activity that gets your blood flowing and puts you in a positive mood.

Get More Sleep

Unfortunately, those who allow stress to take over their lives don’t realize that there’s an easy and free fix that they always neglect – quality sleep. By getting enough shuteye, more precisely 7-8 hours per night, your body has the ability to regenerate and relax. When you wake up, you feel happy and you’re ready to confront anything that comes your way as you have a positive attitude and outlook. Of course, sleep quality doesn’t only reside in quantity but in the pleasantness of the surrounding environment. Thus, you must create a relaxing and peaceful sleeping environment to aid yourself relieve stress.