If you love your car and you are passionate about hi tech gadgets, you will love our choice of gadgets designed specifically for cars. For each driver, the gizmos designed for cars can become essential items that can turn driving into a safer and more comfortable experience. Here are some of the gizmos every driver should have on their cars.

The panoramic rear view mirror

This is a gadget that not only makes driving easier, but it can help you reduce the risk of accidents by giving you a full panoramic view of what stays behind you. Unlike the regular rear view mirror, this gadget shows a full picture of what is happening behind you so it is impossible that you miss an obstacle. The panoramic rear view mirror is so efficient that even police officers and professional car racers use it to minimize the risk of severe accidents. Once you install it on your car, you will discover its benefits in making you more confident behind the wheel as you will be able to slide through traffic much easier.

The USB charger

For those who usually take long roads and like to have their USB gadgets charged, this USB charger is the ultimate car gizmo. With this device, you will forget about a low battery on your phone, iPod or radar detector because it can charge two devices at the same time. This way, you can stay relaxed knowing that your phone will always have a full battery and you will be able to listen to your favorite songs whilst driving.

The fuel saver-gizmo

The gadgets have also reached the gas-saving area and many manufacturers have developed devices that help drivers save up to 30% on the gas their cars require. Such a gas-saving gizmo contains a set of bolt-on magnets that are attached to the engine bay and reduce the fuel consumption and improve the engine power. This is one of the few hi tech gadgets that might actually return its investment, unlike most gadgets that men buy for pure convenience.

The radar detector

A great gadget that is very practical when it comes to driving safely is the radar detector. This device uses radio waves that detect the waves emitted by radars used by the police and send a signal to you, announcing that there is a radar on the road. The radar detector is legal to use on any car, as it only detects the radar waves and does not interfere with them. The main advantage of the radar detector is that it helps you drive safely knowing where the radars are placed and it will also save you money on speeding tickets.