If you are planning to go to a Halloween party together with your party, why not take the opportunity to wow all your friends with your outfit choices? Take some time to create something unique and amazing and the best way to do so is to avoid wearing a plain and overrated costume. While considering your options for the best Halloween costume ideas 2015, try to be more daring and don’t settle for an ordinary costume, like the ones presented in the article below.

Any character from Frozen

Frozen is not a children movie; both adults and kids love this movie because it’s witty, funny and somewhat dramatic. You may think that the characters of this movie will make for the best Halloween costume ideas 2015. Nevertheless, on Halloween, most kids will try to dress like one of their favorite characters from Frozen. Girls will either try to be Elsa or Anna. If your girlfriend has already thought of dressing up as Anna because she thinks it’s a good idea to go dressed up as Anna and Hans this Halloween, convince her that it’s better to opt for a more unique disguise.

Contemporary celebrity couple

If you are too short on a budget or you’ve run out of ideas on how to disguise yourself this Halloween, a good solution would be to dress up as a famous celebrity couple, but not just any famous celebrity couple. This Halloween, you will see many couples trying to recreate their look but only a few will manage to do so and most of them will fail miserably. If you want to grab attention, go dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde instead of dressing up as Kim and Kanye or Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Dead groom and bride

While this may seem like a good idea, we advise you to look for something more original and unique. You will find plenty of Halloween costumes that are unusual but original at the same time and the dead groom and bride is definitely not a wise choice. However, if you have already planned to dress up this way at the Halloween party, a good tip would be to draw inspiration from The Mexican Day of the Dead holiday and add a few elements here and there to make the costume more unique.

50 shades of gray

When you think of the popular movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its characters, the last thing you would think of is clothes…You should definitely discard this idea if you want to leave a good impression on your guests. Of course, you can wear a gray suit and pretend to be the main character of the movie, while your date is dressed up as Anastasia but there’s a high chance that no one will recognize you.