The majority of people use to drink wine when taking their dinner and this is a healthy habit, and many doctors even recommend drinking in small quantities from time to time. But as stated, small quantities, and when your loved ones warn you that you might drink too much, you should take a step back and analyse your daily habits for seeing if they might be right. Sometimes it might be difficult to accept that you have a drinking problem, because you are subjective when it comes to yourself. But if every of your acquaintances tells you that you have to drink less, or that your activities are influenced by alcohol, then you should take a look at these signs and see if you can find yourself in the following statements. And in case you consider that you need help, you should not worry, because you have the possibility to follow the programs provided by one of the alcohol detoxification centres from your region.

The social events you attend are centred around alcohol

You might not believe but the majority of people start drinking because the ones around them have this habit. So, you should consider the events you have attended the last month and see what the reasons for going there were. Also, if you are invited at some events in the following period, you might think why or why not you intend to participate, because if you select to go only to the ones where free drinks are offered, you might have an alcohol problem.

You do not consider alcohol as being the cause of your actions

The majority of people who have a drinking problem consider that alcohol is not the one that influences their actions. So, you have to consider the bad things that happened to you lately, and see if you have been drinking that day, or if you drank after they had happened. In case every time you drink you have to face with an unpleasant situation, the chances of the alcohol to be the cause are quite high.

You have with severe hangovers

In case you see that every next day after a party you have to face with a severe hangover, you should consider that you might drink too much, and you just do not realise it. This is your body’s way of telling you that you make an excess, so pay attention to the signs.