Lately more and more male teenagers are going to gym, because they realise from early age how important is today to stay fit and healthy. It is not so hard for them to go to the gym when they are staying home, because they do not have so many courses on the last year of the high school and they do not have to worry about house chores. But when they are getting to college, they are too overwhelmed by the new environment and they tend to put this aspect on a second place. When staying in a student accommodation London Universities boys tend to ignore going to gym, because they make new friends and they prefer to spend time together. But, this does not mean that you cannot train anymore, you can do this together with your colleagues.

Find time to workout

When you live surrounded by students you might find hard to train, because all they want is to party and have fun. But you can motivate them to train with you, because as you already know practicing sport is not boring, and men find it as a way to bond, and spend time together. You have a lot of courses, and you are taking part to a lot of activities, but it does not mean that you do not have time to train. You only have to set your priorities, and see how you plan them to make sure that you have time for practicing sport.

Create your own work out room

When you live in a student accommodation facility you have a big room, and depending on your preferences you can or cannot share it with a colleague. Therefore you can decorate the room according to your preferences, and rearrange the furniture items in such a way to have space for placing your training equipment. Depending on the type of training you prefer you can purchase a resistance band, because you will definitely find room to place it. If you are living in the room by yourself, you have to buy it by yourself, but if you have a colleague you can share the expenses with him. Also, you can buy a stability ball which will help you train your abs.

Make your own training group

When practicing any type of sport is important to have the support of the others, and what other way of getting support you have than training together with your colleagues and friends. You can make your own group, and use your room to practice sport together. Because you have all the equipment they need, they will not refuse to come around. Also, because you are living in a student campus, it means that there are a lot of alleys you can use to run. Because you have not practiced for a time you can start by walking together with your friends for half an hour, every night, and slowly you can start running on longer and longer distances.