Style has no age and you can look perfect regardless your age if you follow some simple common-sense rules that will guarantee an impeccable appearance. Elegance is a matter of care and attention to details that everyone must pay while choosing their outfits, no matter if they are young or old. For men over 60, the following tips will turn out to be very useful in creating perfect outfits from head to toe.

Dress comfortable

Comfort should be the main word to describe the outfits of men over 60, especially since their mobility starts to decrease and they often need to use a mobility scooter. If you use such a device to travel from place to place, you can ride it with style wearing trendy outfits that match your age. You can wear jeans with confidence and match them with polo t-shirts and loafers or sneakers. Moreover, don’t fear that a mobility scooter will make you look like an old man. If you take a look at the latest scooters on mobilityscooter reviews, you will see that some of these devices make for stylish rides.

Only add one strong color

Strong combinations of colors are good, but sometimes less is more and this applies to the clothing style of men over 60. If you want to create a centerpiece of your look, try wearing a white button shirt with a pair of black pants and add a touch of color with a V-neck sweater. The overall aspect will be stylish and elegant without disturbing the sight.

Go for a turtleneck to cover a flaw

If you are not a fan of shirts or you want an outfit idea for times when you are not at the office, turtlenecks are great casual options that can also help you obtain a slimmer figure because they hide throats and jawlines that are no longer firm.

Opt for age-appropriate pants

As for pants, jeans will always be appropriate if you choose dark colors and classic models. Also, chinos are fancier than jeans and will look good on you with sweaters or a button-down shirt and a cardigan. If you have to wear shorts on an occasion, make sure the length is right above the knee, not shorter.

Limit the accessories

When it comes to accessories, belts and watches are the most stylish examples that turn a plain outfit into a modern one. Match your belt to the shoes color and opt for sports watches if you wear a casual outfit or an elegant metallic watch if you dress formally. However, always stay away from white belts and shoes as these are not stylish for a man your age.

Don’t go too far

To avoid looking embarrassing, stay away from t-shirts with logos, floral prints and drawings that are more appropriate for younger men. Unless you want to look like a rebel without a cause, don’t wear t-shirts with Metallica or Che Guevara.