When it comes to style, the main idea is to create elegant and sophisticated outfits that will last through time, regardless the fashion trends that come and go. Style implies a series of rules that never age and those who stick to these rules will always manage to look good without too much effort. Since men want dress well without constantly keeping up with fashion, here are some timeless style advice that will help them create gorgeous outfits for any situation.

Keep it simple

Simple is the key to many successful outfits and men love this idea because it makes them feel comfortable. You may think that simple means plain and boring, but it actually means good taste and knowing your limits, which makes the difference between an inspired outfit and a disastrous one.

Choose items that will look up to date next year as well

Young men have to learn not to focus on “this year’s trends”, but on the items of clothing that will be trendy many years from now. If you think about what used to define past years, you wouldn’t want to wear those items today, so why buy things that you wouldn’t want to wear next year? Therefore, when you shop for clothes, choose items that will look timeless and classic.

Don’t wear tight suits

Well-dressed men know that a good suit will last throughout the years and that the work of a good tailor is priceless, so they invest in quality suits that fit them perfectly. Most men believe that a fitted suit has to look tight, but the thing is that when you button your jacket, it does not have to create wrinkles around the waist. If it does, it means that the suit is too tight for you.

Buy interchangeable clothes

Another important style advice is to choose items that can be mixed to create new outfits every day. For this, you will need some clothes that are statement pieces of clothing and that you can combine with many other clothes. For example, instead of buying shirts that you will only be able to wear with wool pants, choose shirts that you will be able to wear with wool pants, jeans, chinos and corduroys.

Know what you dress for

It’s important to know which occasion you dress for and how elegant or casual you should look, according to the place where you are going. A stylish look means a look that is appropriate for the event, not a look that appears to be from a different story. By dressing fancy when you go out with your friends, you risk to look clumsy, although you are wearing your best suit, simply because the suit is not right for the occasion. Instead, opt for a quality pair of jeans and a shirt that flatters you body and you will look ten times better.