Generally speaking, as a man, you are very careful when styling an outfit because as you may already know, the right accessories can make you more classy or give you that extra edge you need to improve the overall appearance of your outfit and boost your confidence. However, choosing the right accessories us never easy, and to some men it may seem that they are wasting their time. However, know that you can easily build the right wardrobe with the help of these 5 classy and trendy accessories.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags have been staples in men’s fashion for a long time and it’s no wonder they became so increasingly popular nowadays. The messenger bag is a great alternative to the backpack and the best part is that there is a vast variety of colors and sizes from where you can choose. A classic messenger bag can compliment your outfit and give it a touch of class.


Most men like to invest in a good-quality watch and this is not at all surprising. It’s better to have an exceptional watch that will never go out of style, than several cheap watches. A bad looking watch can sabotage the entire outfit. Timepieces are more than a fashion statement because as a matter fact, a carefully chosen watch not only it improves your style but it also defines you.


As a man, you probably have at least 4-5 ties in your wardrobe and the greater the number of ties you have the better. Always buy the kind of tie that is made of a good material, such as silk and never settle for extremely cheap ties even if you can afford more of those. Matte and textured ties can be styled easily because they deflect the attention from your outfit. If you are a fan of skinny ties, know that the tie should be close to the width of your suit lapel.


The most important thing that you have to keep in mind about scarves is that they have been staple pieces in men’s wardrobes for more than 2000 years, where they were used as unit designators and rank insignia. You can opt for a thick wool scarf and wear it during winter to stay stylish and warm at the same time. During spring opt for a lightweighted linen scarf to keep you warm during chilly nights. You can also add a touch of style by wearing a colored piece of cashmere.


Sunglasses can offer you protection against the suns rays while adding a touch of class to your entire outfit. There are many styles from where you can choose but know that there is a basic rule for choosing the best shape of your glasses. Round glasses are suitable for angular faces, while straight or angled glasses complement a round face. Even though aviator frames were and still are very popular, a good pair of retro-vintage glasses can boost your style instantly.