Children are always up to something, always playing and having fun. Whoever said that parenting is hard work was 100% right, as cleaning up after play dates can be exhausting. Unfortunately, kids have the habit of taking over a house, as everywhere you look you see toys. Even though seeing your daughter or son play, smiling and laughing is a heart-melting image, the mess they leave behind, taking over your home, can be downright annoying. So, you need to come up with a plan B. As you can imagine, you can’t just throw all the toys away and tell your son or daughter that it is time to grow up. What you can do instead is relocate their playroom into the garage. There are plenty of benefits one could gain from a decision of this kind and the expenses of creating such a space are not at all high, not if you are a bit creative. So, here are a few tips and tricks all parents could use to turn an old garage into a joyful and suitable space for kids to play.

Appropriately structuring the space


Before thinking about decorations, you need to take care of another matter and that would be storage. Most likely, you have already deposited plenty of things in the garage, so it is not completely empty. Use cabinets to place all items you want to keep your children away from like the garden tools or the cleaning products. Suspended cabinets are the best choice, as you will make the best of the existing space. Organizing your kids’ toys is yet another matter that can be quickly sorted out through smart storage. Use customised metal shelves for garage and boxes. Metal is a solid choice, because toys coming in a large number are heavy and the shelves need to sustain that weight.


Designing a comfortable space


When deciding to turn a garage into a playroom, you will have to consider other aspects apart from functionality. You need to think in terms of comfort. Your kids need to have the right conditions to play in the garage. For instance, it won’t do you any good if you place a small sofa in there, because kids will still play on the floor. It is in their nature. So, make sure that you cover the floor with a thick rug that will keep them warm. Also, instead of placing armchairs in the playroom, you might as well go for the pear shaped beanbag chairs. Buy a few of these, because children absolutely adore them.


Embellishing the playroom


So far you have adequate storage and comfort, but what about design? Indeed, you need to focus upon the appearance of the place, especially since the metal shelves for garage can seem cold and austere. Make a few changes here and there so it won’t have that dull, unattractive appearance. Paint the metal shelves in your child’s favourite colours, put up a few posters on the walls. You could even paint the walls altogether in a cheerful colour. Embellishing the appearance of an old garage is really not that complicated if you let your imagination run wild.