Ribbons are fun to use not only for decorations or gift-wrapping, you can also create some stunning hairstyles using colourful ribbons. There many hairstyle that can make any woman feel fancy and trendy, and with a little bit of creativity the results will be amazing. Make sure you have enough ribbons to achieve any hairstyle you want, from rosette ribbon to floral ones, find a supplier that can put at your disposal a wide variety of ribbons and bows in different patterns and colours.


In terms of hairstyle trends, braids have become a very popular choice this year, being suitable for casual and more elegant looks. You can make a simple braid look more glamorous by adding a fine strap of white or silver ribbon. Start by wrapping the ribbon around the hair band, creating a bow and then bring it up around the braid. Secure the ribbon with a small bobby pin and your look will be completed. It is simple to do and it will look stunning.

Messy buns

Buns have been really trendy lately, and by adding a ribbon you can achieve a more girly look. If you are going to a party, tie your hair in a side bun for a more sophisticated look, and then wrap around the bun a small piece of ribbon. Choose a colour that goes with your outfit, to give it a balanced effect. You can tie the ribbon into a bow or leave it hanging down, however you think will look better. Try it out, and you will definitely love this hairstyle.


Every woman deals from time to time with a bad hair day, and when you do not have the time to curl or straighten your hair, a ponytail is the best alternative. When you are in a hurry, a ponytail is the fastest and easiest way to give your hair a neat appearance. This hairstyle is usually plain and dull, but with a ribbon, you can make it look more elegant and classy. It will only take you a few seconds to tie a piece of ribbon around the rubber band and you will create the most beautiful ponytail. You can replace any hair accessory with ribbons, which are easy and fun to use, and they will add a particular flair to your overall look. Find an online ribbon store and create your personal ribbon collection, your hair will never look dull again.