You have just celebrated your birthday. Hopefully, you have thrown a spectacular party, invested in decorations, including ribbons. When the guests have gone home, you are left with the cleaning. It is simple to figure out what to do with the dirty plates, but what about those decorations in which you have invested? What happens with them? Sure, an answer would be to thrown them all away, but would it only be a waste of your money? Another idea would be to be to deposit the printed birthday ribbons in a box and store them somewhere until your next big day. Still, there is no guarantee that you are going to host it at your house. You might make other plans by then. So, what then? What do you do with all the leftover birthday ribbons? Here are three ideas you could take into consideration.

Put your mind to work: table arrangements


Birthday ribbons are merely small decorative items, but with a more personal pattern. Certainly this does not mean that they cannot be used in a completely different purpose. If you have several of them still intact, you could create a table decoration made only out of ribbons. Choose a shape, use polystyrene and needles. Stick the ribbon into the polystyrene with the needles, one next to the other and you have a beautiful table decoration.


Sharing is great


Most certainly, you have received tones of flowers for your birthday. Even if you love flowers, you wouldn’t want your house to look like a florist’s shop. So, instead of keeping all those flowers all too yourself, you could do something completely different. You could tie one flower with a birthday ribbon and send it to a guest. Do the same thing for all of them and you will see how wonderful it feels to share your joy with others. Your guests will certainly appreciate your gesture and respond accordingly.


Create a painting of your own


Remembering great birthday parties can be done in so many different ways and not just by taking photos. That would certainly be the simple way out, but since you have several leftovers, then you might want to use them in this manner. All you need is an empty canvas, needles or glue, a cup of tea and creativity. Place the ribbons on the canvas just the way you want to and your painting is all done and ready to be hung on the wall.